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COVID-19 Update

Providing a Safe Workplace

  • We provide personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves and protective eyewear if necessary, to all employees and guests when required.
  • We provide easily accessible sanitization stations in all common areas of the facility and restrooms that may include disinfectant wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer and 70% isopropyl alcohol sprays.
  • We have regular and frequent sanitization of high-touch areas.
  • We have safety signage in all areas.
  • We have only two guest entrances with signage that states that face coverings must be worn at all times.
  • We have designated reception and check-in stations to maintain safe distancing, sanitize, and get description of all protocols.
  • We have a digital guest sign-in sheet that is maintained by TCD personnel to record name, the time and date of arrival, and email or phone number (for contact tracing purposes).
  • We require employees and request guests to wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds regularly, upon arrival to work, after using the restroom, any time they exit and re-enter the facility, before eating, as well as after blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing.
  • We limit restroom use to one person at a time and dedicate restrooms for client use only.
  • We provide a minimum of six feet distancing between employee work areas.

Preparing Our Clients

  • We provide you with a written outline of our in-house customer policy including proper disinfecting procedures as well as guidelines on proper use of PPE.
  • We may need more time than usual to provide safe and thorough services to all our guests and clients.
  • We schedule a pre-prep call or discussion with the camera personnel in order to best accommodate their needs and minimize equipment changes and modifications during the prep.
  • We schedule all customer visits and work hours in order to prevent overcrowding and will not allow walk-in customers until such a time that it is safe to do so. We request the names and number of production personnel that will be performing the prep to make appropriate space accommodation.
  • We have created digital paperwork and signatures for all orders, pick-ups and terms and conditions.

Upon Customer Arrival

  • All guests must be wearing a face mask (we will provide one if they are not).
  • All guests must go through the temperature check station upon entering the building.
  • All guests must sanitize properly before moving past the entry zone.
  • All guests must check in and agree to follow the company protocols.
  • Crew owned equipment, tools and carts will not be handled by rental employees and may not be received prior to prep. All personal crew items must be handled only by crew members and must not be left behind after the rental leaves the premises. Crew is responsible for sanitizing their own gear before it enters the building
  • While adhering to proper six-foot distancing measures, guests will be shown to the area that they will be working in and asked not to leave this area unless it’s to exit the building, use the restroom or other approved areas

During The Prep

  • Review the remote communication methods that you have established in order to communicate issues, additions and exchanges without having to seek out or approach rental personnel.
  • Equipment added during the prep will be scanned and brought to the neutral zone for the client to retrieve.
  • All add-ons will be placed in an add/drop/exchange bin on the designated equipment change desk. All drops will be removed from the contract and disinfected before being returned to their storage area.
  • The camera crew will be responsible to package all of the equipment upon completion of the checkout and prepare for the load out without the assistance of TCD personnel.
  • TCD personnel will avoid entering the prep area while the client is on site unless there is an equipment issue that can only be resolved by their direct involvement.
  • TCD personnel will not access the space or room accommodating multi-day preps overnight or in the absence of camera crew without informing camera crew

Alternative Equipment Prep Procedures can be made by special arrangement (Remote or Virtual)

  • A Remote Prep is when the equipment is picked up or delivered to the production for the camera crew to perform the preparation that would normally take place in the rental company. Prior to the equipment leaving the rental facility, it is recommended to carefully review the entire equipment package with the appropriate production personnel (camera crew) via a video call. It is recommended that remote preps are completed 48 hours prior to the shoot date so that equipment additions and exchanges can be coordinated with the rental company the day before shooting begins.
  • A Virtual Prep can be done over Zoom or other conferencing tools with the camera crew directing TCD staff how to prep the gear to their satisfaction.

After the Prep

  • When the prep is complete and the equipment has left the building, TCD staff will fully clean and sanitize the space where the checkout occurred.
  • Employees will follow all the defined sanitization guidelines.

Technical Set Visits - If necessary TCD will send a technician to set but the technicians reserve the right to not enter a set if they are uncomfortable with the conditions.

  • TCD will contact production for approval for the set visit. TCD will coordinate the timing of the set visit to prevent overcrowding and minimize interaction with production personnel that are on set.
  • TCD will coordinate with production to determine that all production personnel will be following PPE and physical distancing (six feet) guidelines and to adhere to the production’s safety standards.
  • TCD technicians will bring tools to set to avoid having to share with production personnel. The technician will wear appropriate PPE on set as determined by health guidelines (face protection, gloves, eye protection if necessary).
  • TCD technicians will follow social distancing protocols (six foot separation).
  • TCD technicians will wash and sanitize hands (and PPE if possible), upon arrival to set and as soon as possible following the set visit.

Equipment Pickups and Returns

  • The primary challenge during an equipment pickup or return is to minimize the interaction between the rental company’s employees and the customer or courier while ensuring a safe transfer of equipment.

Prior to Pickup

  • We schedule the pickup, being careful that it does not overlap with other pick-ups or returns.
  • We request and record the names of production personnel or courier service who will be picking up the gear in advance. ID of personnel picking up or dropping off will be checked prior to release of gear.
  • All personnel who will be picking up equipment must wear appropriate personal protective equipment including a face covering, that they will be expected to maintain safe distancing with TCD personnel during the exchange.
  • All rental contracts and receipt of equipment will be signed digitally wherever possible
  • TCD staff are clearly advised on the established equipment exchange protocols, wear a face covering and remain six feet away from the customer at all times. In the event the customer is not following distancing guidelines or does not have the required PPE, the employee or their manager should advise them of the established safety protocols and that they must be adhered to before proceeding. Transfer of equipment occurs at the defined pickup zone.


  • Rental company personnel will transport the equipment to the edge of the loading zone at the time of arrival.
  • Upon arrival, the production representative must provide identification to TCD staff while maintaining a safe distance. We will verify the identity of the production representative before releasing the gear.
  • If virtual signature was not obtained beforehand, the production representative will sign in a safe distancing manner.
  • Production personnel must load the gear into their vehicle.
  • The rental company personnel will retrieve any hand trucks or transport carts and bring them back into the facility. All handles are sanitized by TCD staff after use by others.
  • Once production receives the equipment, a member of the camera department should verify the equipment inventory is complete and as requested.


  • TCD will provide hand trucks or carts for the production to use and leave them in the delivery zone.
  • The customer will bring the equipment into the facility on carts.